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What is a 360° Aerial Photo, and how is it created?

A 360° Aerial Photo (also know as a Panoshphere or Photosphere) is a photo that allows you to view an aerial scene from every angle: above, below, behind and next to you. A series of individual aerial photos (typically between 20 and 40) are taken from a single point using a drone and “sticthced” together […]

What software is used to stitch 360 Photos?

The most popular 3rd party panorama stitching software are PTGui Pro and Autopano Giga, although there is a resonabl;y significant learning curve involved in becoming proficient at using this software.

What is 360° Video ?

A 360 video is created with a camera system that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can pan and rotate a 360 video’s perspective to watch it from different angles.